Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

August 30, 2016

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Talking about the most astounding houses located in Milan, the Glass Houses is unquestionably one of the houses to include in the category. The house is transparent and thus, you can see through the inside of the home from outside.

In addition to being transparent, the home is also quite unique as barriers that are usually created by walls, ceilings, as well as floors in other homes are nonexistent in the Glass Houses.

Architecture, Modern Glass House Design With Pool Ideas And Stairs Wall Ceiling And Floor From Glass ~ Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

Architected by Santambrogio Milano, the Glass House is unquestionably a very unique home as every nook and every cranny of the house is actually visible from virtually everywhere else.

The transparent house, however, has many things that regular homes usually offer despite being a unique transparent glass house. Here are numerous parts of the astounding glass house that you might want to see if you are interested in the unique transparent glass house.

The Glass Houses and Numerous Parts of the House You Have to Know About

As a house called the Glass Houses, the house has various parts that are created from glass including glass stairs and of course, the stairs are strong enough that it is okay for an occupant of the house to walk on the stairs.

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The house also has glass benches on which the occupants of the house can sit on and of course, the glass benches are not the last glass parts in the house. In fact, a glass table on which the occupants of the house can serve meals on can also be found in the house.

Aside from including the various said parts, the glass parts in the house also includes glass shelves and various other glass parts.

Architecture, Kitchen Glass House Interior Decorating Ideas Under Stairs Design With Dark Laminate Flooring Tile And Wall Plus Ceilings In Forest ~ Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

The house, naturally, also has parts that are not made from glass as the house also has white and a little bit transparent curtains and in addition to the curtains a white bed a pair of white pillows, as well as a blanket are also available in the house.

Located in Milan, Italy, the house is without a doubt one of the most unique houses ever built in the city.

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